Shipping & Returns

  • All Orders in KSA shipped to the following places will be charged SAR25.00. Cash on delivery is also accepted for customers from these cities.
  • AbhaAsh ShuqaiqJafarRahima
    AbqaiqAth ThybiyahJazanRas Tanura
    Al HassaAwamiahJeddahRiyadh
    Al HofufBaharaJoufRiyadh Al Khabra
    Al KharjBaqayq-HofufKhamisSafwa
    Al KhobarBishahKhodariaSakaka
    AlMajmaahBukeiriahKing Khalid Military CitySeihat
    Al Oyun-HofufBuraydahMeccaTabuk
    Al QatifDammamMedinaTaif Al Jubail
    Al BadayeaDere'iyehMubarazTarut
    Al-JshDomat Al JandalNabiyaUnayzah
    AlRassDumah Al JandalNajranUyun
    AnakHafar Al BatinQarahYanbu
    ArarHailQassimYanbu Al Baher
  • All Orders in Karachi will be shipped for PKR120.00.
  • All Orders in Pakistan excluding Karachi will be shipped for PKR190.00
  • For International orders please leave a message on our contact page and we will get back to you with a quote.
  • Return Policy is not listed or allowed under The Whatnots Shop. Exchange of items or products will only be allowed under certain circumstances.

*Please note that only one coupon code is allowed per order.

**Oversize items may note an additional shipping surcharge.