Story of Me

I was brought up in Riyadh though had my roots in the soil of Pakistan. An artist by heart, I was merely 7 when I created my own piece of artwork. Eventually, in the years that followed, art became like a drug to me, inspiring me each passing day. Let it be spending hours on browsing the internet for creative ideas, watching tutorials on YouTube or recycling old and unused objects to artistic innovations- I cherished every moment of it. Often my days were consummated in experimenting new techniques, trying out different crafts or simply doodling on canvases. I was fascinated at how art covered every facet of our life and is constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing world.

However, the right opportunity sparked when after getting done with my A Levels I was on a hunt to kick-start my own business venture. Coincidentally, I got a few orders from friends and families to draft birthday cards themed Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. As simple as it sounds, I wanted to give in my all to my first orders. After spending hefty time in making the cards more creative, I uploaded them on the net too.

Not only my customers were highly satisfied, but I got a massive response on social media. People were in love with the idea of personalised crafts. This ultimately gave birth to the idea of TWS and from that point, my seemingly never-ending journey began.

I pursued Bachelors in Software Engineering from Riyadh alongside; though my heart, mind and soul were always in Designing. Therefore, I applied for Masters in Design Management, a combination of Business and Design and got into the İzmir University of Economics in Turkey. This broadened my insight and enhanced my dexterity further.

All these diverse exposures have nurtured me into a well-rounded person and I am confident that the value of the skills acquired will extend to my professional life. In a nutshell, I cannot see myself doing anything but doing arts and crafts for the rest of my life. Today, the same passion encourages me to follow my heart in the pursuit and to emerge victorious in the form of TWS.

Atiya Zubair

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